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Transportable Land Mobile Radio Repeater


  • Reference Part #: Daniels_Repeaters

  • Transportable Radio Systems

    Portable and temporary communications solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily

    When disasters strike, it usually happens at the worst time, in the worst location and somewhere that no longer has communications.  Transportable Radio Systems support portable and temporary communication solutions that can be quickly deployed with minimal complexity.

    For the past 60 years, Daniels has provided customers worldwide with highly reliable Base Stations and Repeaters designed for robust operation in rugged environments, extreme temperature conditions and applications where low current consumption is key (e.g. Solar, Wind or Battery Powered).  A pioneering member of the P25 Digital Standard for radio systems interoperability between emergency response govenmental organizations, Daniels provides functionality and encryption in the 29 MHz - 869 MHz ranges.

    Due to the wide variety of Base Station and Repeater configurations for two-way voice and mobile data applications, we strongly suggest you contact your Comlink Wireless Technology representative for configuration and pricing assistance.


    Download the Daniels Transportable Radio Systems User Guide

    Download the Daniels Electronics
    Transportable Repeater Guide
    (Large .PDF File)


    • Reference Part #: Daniels_Repeaters
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